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The Dubai Pole Cup 

2022 Judging Criteria

  • Please ensure to read the Judging Criteria thoroughly. If you have any questions or do not understand the Criteria please feel free to email us on or 

  • The 2020 Dubai Pole Cup will have 3 reputable Judges who will be Judge for the Dubai Pole Cup.

  • Judges are not obliged to comment on the marks they give to the contestant. However will make notes and feedback for each Athlete. Upon Request the Athlete may ask to see his/her Feedback sheet. 

  • Judges decision is final

The Dubai pole cup will be judged on the following sections:

  • Technical 50%

  • Presence and presentation 50%

In the sections below outline what the judges will consider when awarding points for each of the 2 elements. ​

Technical Section explained: 

In this section an athlete will be marked purely on their physical skills and abilities. Has the athlete taken into consideration the following when compiling together their piece?

  • Static Strength? (Is the Athlete able to use a high level of Static Strength? Are they controlled and mastered?)

  • Dynamic Strength? (Does the Athlete show a high level of Dynamic Strength? Are they controlled and mastered?)

  • Difficult or Complex Transitions (How does the Athlete move between tricks?)

  • Flexibility? (Is the Athlete able to perform moves that require a demanding amount of flexibility? Have they only shown their flexibility in that one area? Have they taken into consideration the entry and exit into their flexibility moves, is the athlete showing good technique?)

  • Spins (Does the athlete demonstrate good flow with smooth transitions in their spin combinations? Is the Athlete showing good technique?)

  • Clean execution? (toes pointed, clean lines, is this kept up throughout the whole performance? Is the Athlete transitioning smoothly between their tricks? Does the competitor move smoothly between the pole and the floor?) 

Stage Presence explained:

In this section the athlete will be marked purely on their presentation. Has the athlete taken into consideration the following when compiling together their piece?

  • Originality (has the competitor made their piece their own? Has he/she been innovative with her choice of pole based movements on and off the pole? Is the Athletes piece individual and unique?) 

  • Musicality? (Is their stage presence matching their music? Do they have musicality, are they hitting the beats to the song? Do they get into the rhythm of the musical composition?)

  • Theme (Does their stage presence match the theme of their performance? Does their performance have a theme?)

  • Interaction? (Does the Athlete engage with the camera? Does the Athlete perform to the camera?)

  • Emotional Expression? (Does the Athlete have high energy on stage? Do they have any facial expressions?)

  • Costume (Does the Athletes costume match his/her performance piece? 

  • Overall (Did the Athletes maintain his/her routine throughout? What was the their piece like overall? Did it flow together?)

Scoring System

Please see the example scoring sheet for the 2022 Dubai Pole Cup 

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