This year, following the Dubai Pole Cup we are introducing The ‘DPC Retreat’. We want to provide our athletes and all pole and aerial enthusiasts the opportunity to train and learn from some of the most iconic athletes in our industry.
In this 4-day long retreat, we aim to take your training experience to the next level and provide a high energy environment where you can share your passion with like-minded people, make long lasting friendships and create an experience to remember. 

The retreat will include pool days at luxurious resorts where you can unwind with cocktails, relax and let your hair down. we have also planned a desert safari for you where we will go dune bashing, enjoy a bbq under the stars and have a fun quirky poi workshop. We will take you out to explore the Dubai nightlife and we will start every day by gathering for breakfast.

So what are you waiting for? Book Now and join us on this Middle Eastern Pole Retreat in the city that doesn't sleep... 



Workshop Menu

Phoenix Kazzree

Spin Static, Spin Spin 

This workshop focuses purely on spinning, both on static and on spin modes. (Spin Static) Learn spin combos on static that will take you 720 degrees around the pole. Learn static spins that end in mounting the pole to continue trick passes. (Spin Spin) Explore and experiment with approaching and mounting spin pole other than step and climb. Learn how to take off in both directions as well as working the spin pole with single-arm holds.


Pole Intentions and Creations 

This workshop is geared to those who want to perform. Learn what it takes to create a cohesive routine and connect to your audience. Melt your floor work into your pole passes and perform your tricks with the same intent and expression as your off-pole work. Don’t lose the focus of your audience with a choppy routine.


Alex Shchukin

Tricks and Combos/Transitions 

Alex is a professional sportsman with almost twenty years of experience in professional sports and choreography. He is not only a very charismatic performer but also –patient and attentive teacher. Alex will be happy to teach you his own unique technics for keeping strength and gaining power in various handsprings, breathtaking combos of advanced level and the most highly appreciated tricks of the world of pole dance. He will also teach you, how to combine different tricks and inversions, and how to dance with a relaxed smile on your face, hanging upside down four meters above the ground.


Pole Artistry

Alex is considered to be one of the best choreographers in Ukraine. He worked with many local pop-stars, also was the choreographer for TV talent-shows “Star`s Academy”, “Show number One” and “Ukraine doesn`t Believe in Tears”. Alex also worked as assistant director (for choreography) for the international commercials of such brands as KFS, Orbit, Slavutych Beer. He knows everything about body movement and how to make it beautiful. Alex will teach you, how to use your body, ignore the gravity and feel the music. He will show you the most artful transitions, combos and floorwork, which will prove to you – pole dance is not only a sport, it`s an art. You will also learn a short exclusive routine, you can transform or use for your own benefit.  At the workshop you can also ask Alex for advice, if you have tricks in mind you can`t combine, he will help you to make a beautiful routine out of anything!

Vlada Zhizhchenko

Pole O'graphy

Express yourself through movement and music in this inspiring class! In this 90 minutes session, you will learn a choreographed routine combining contemporary pole moves, spins, turns, transition and floor work, connecting pole movements to music and emotion. Layers and knee pads are recommended for this class, cover shoulders and bring socks.


Spin City

Learn Vlada’s signature spinning combos that not only look great but are achievable for everyone! Learn cool transitions into classic moves as well as new beautiful shapes and moves while spinning endlessly. Modifications will be given to those with different levels of strength and flexibility.


Mel Sidki

Powerful Hoop

In powerful Hoop, you will learn unique ways to move in and around the hoop. This workshop heavily focuses on tricks, drops, rolls and dynamic hoop moves which you can later incorporate to any performance and routine piece to give your act a jaw-dropping wow effect! We will effortlessly make beautiful shapes with our bodies transitioning in and out of the tricks from this workshop and learn unique ways to move in and around the hoop. Whats a trick without a starting or end position? 


Chirenj C

As a performance art, poi involves swinging tethered weights through a variety of rhythmical and geometric patterns. This workshop aims to cover the basics of poi spinning and work on the fundamentals needed in order for you to eventually progress to much more complex spins.

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