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Dubai Pole Cup Presents

26-01st March 2022

Join us for an experience of a lifetime. Explore Dubai with us. 

The Dubai Pole Cup PRESENTS The DPC Retreat which is hosted right after Competition!  We want to provide our athletes and all pole and aerial enthusiasts the opportunity to train and learn from some of the most iconic athletes in our industry. We strive to have a diverse judging panel where each judge brings their individual unique strength to the table. This is not only to encourage the expansion of pole styles seen on the stage but also to widen the scope of knowledge to be gained at the retreat after!
In 2022 We will be hosting pole artists Lisette Krol, Dimitry Politov and Anya Lyapunova. 

We will also be hosting dance Workshops to help complement various pole styles and to encourage students to express themselves without the apparatus of a pole. 

In this 4-day long retreat, we aim to help you to explore your potential and take your training experience to the next level by providing you with a high energy and creative environment where you can share your passion with like-minded people, make long lasting friendships and leave with an experience to remember. 

2022 will include pool days at luxurious resorts where you can unwind with cocktails and relax a desert Safari's with a mini photoshoot, dinners under the stars with evening entertainment and a week full of planned activities and gatherings! 
Explore Dubai's nightlife with us and kickstart every day with a delicious breakfast. 

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DPC Retreat Terms and Conditions


  • The full amount of the retreat must be paid in order to secure your space.

  • Payments can be made direct via Bank Transfer (please ask for bank details directly) or Paypal to .

  • The retreat can be transferred to a friend if you no longer can attend, however your payment is non refundable.


Cancellation Policy

we will deduct a $50 administration fee and also the following costs:

  • 50% of the total cost - If cancelled 4-10 weeks before the retreat

  • 75% of the total cost - If cancelled 2-4 weeks before the retreat

  • 100% of the total cost - If cancelled 0-2 weeks before the retreat



Please contact us directly if you require accommodation. For an additional charge we will be able to provide accommodation for 4 days per person (please note this will be shared accommodation. If you are coming with a friend, let us know and we can make sure you are both booked in the same accommodation) 

If you would not like to share accommodation then please contact us directly.


Add Ons

  • Privates with our instructors - Contact us directly 

  • Photoshoots with our photographers - Contact us directly

  • Deep Tissue/Sports Massage - Contact us directly

Email -  WhatsApp +971 50 172 2513 / +971 55 973 7388

Workshop Descriptions

Dimitry Politov

  • Born2Flip
    From basic dismounts to Dimity’s signature flips, in this workshop you will learn how to flip in a safe and progressive manner with in depth step by step preparation and assistance. *This workshop requires pole dancers to have a good Cupid grip and shoulder mount lift.

  • Look Mom No Hands:
    Learn different ways to get on and off the pole with Dimitry’s most signature jumps.
    With your hands by your side or in your pockets this workshop will leave you feeling like a boss! 
    *All levels are welcome.


  • Creative Movement: 
    Learn Dimitry’s signature transitions as he combines both strength heavy tricks with flexibility. 
    *This workshop is ideal for pole dancers who are at an intermediate to advance level. 

Lisette Krol

  • Coalition Floor To Pole
    This is the perfect workshop for those wishing to improve their overall performance skills. This worksop includes combinations of pole handstands, floor shapes and variety of entries and exits. 
The sequences consist of combinations working from the floor to the pole and from the pole to the floor, teaching you how to move between both with grace and fluidity. 
* Perfect for low intermediate to advance pole levels. 


  • Hybrid Static Elements 
    In this workshop you will learn Lisettes favourite static transitions. Her skillful sequences are full of graceful movements, strength, acrobatics, rotations and interesting elements that can be modified to different levels of ability. 
    * Perfect for low intermediate to advance pole levels. 


  • Shape your spinning 
    This workshop is designed to improve your movement and body awareness while using a spinning pole. Learn how to create beautiful shapes, flow and tangle yourself with style and seemingly effortless combos. During this workshop you will learn interesting entries, dynamic spinning moves and how to incorporate spinning shapes into your pole combinations. 
    * Perfect for low intermediate to advance pole levels. 

Anya lyapunova

  •  Sensual Body Movements
    This workshop is all about learning how to move and isolate segments of the spine in order to create gorgeous body waves. 
    This exotic class will help you to master movements you never thought you could accomplish and move your body in ways you would never have imagined.
    Through repetitive patterns and animalistic movements you will learn how to dance in different planes and apply your learnings to an exotic style choreography with acrobatic elements. 
*All levels are welcome, poles will not be used in class. 


  • Split Fundamentals
    Anyas signature splits program will help you to activate deep muscles to assist your flexibility and teach you how to use all the necessary muscle groups for a more complete split. This educational class focus’s on creating beautiful lines and how to master them with your own bodyweight. 
    Anyas in depth and focused and unique class will leave you feeling strong and active in your splits.
    *All levels are welcome.

Our preliminary Schedule

Please note that there may be more activities and workshops added to the schedule below. However the following Workshops and Activities are Confirmed.

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