Amateur Category

  • Must be 16+ 

  • The athlete should be poling for under 2 years. 

  • The athlete should not have competed in a semi-pro competition. 

Strength restrictions include: No deadlifts, phoenix’s, Iron X’s. 

Flexibility restrictions include: Russian Splits, Spatchcock, Dangerous bridge, rainbow Marchenko and Flying K. 


Semi-Pro Category

  • Must be 16+ 

  • The athlete can be poling for any length of time 

  • The athletee should not have competed in a professional competition

Strength Restrictions: Not Applicable
Flexibility Restrictions: Not Applicable 


Professional Category

  • Must be 16+ 

  • Athlete can be poling for any length of time 

Strength Restrictions: Not Applicable 

Flexibility Restrictions: Not Applicable 

*Please note that athletes entering this category should be at a professional level having entered or having won semi pro/pro titles in previous competitions. 

*The contestant understand that the expectation of standard is at a high level 



  • Juniors must be between 10-15 Years of age 

  • Athletes can be poling for any length of time 

  • Athletes can be of mixed genders 

  • Strength restrictions: Not applicable 

  • Flexibility restrictions: Not applicable ​


  • Must be 16+

  • Category is only open to poler’s at a semi pro or professional level

  • Athletes have the choice to enter the solo battles OR the group battles 

  • Solo battlers will be up against poler’s of the same level i.e a pro poler will be battling a pro poler.

  • A maximum of 3 poler’s can be in a group. The can have a mixed ability (semi pro and pro) and can have mixed genders. 

  • Poles will be on static 

  • EACH ATHLETE will be 30second heats EACH.
    Solo battlers will be competing with 4 ROUNDS OF 30 SECOND HEATS EACH.
    Group Battlers will be competing with 45 SECOND HEATS FOR 5 ROUNDS EACH. ALL group contestants have to be performing during the 45seconds that they are given, e.g 2 contestants can be on the poles or on one pole together whilst the 3rd contestant can be doing floor work or dance etc. (suggestion - ensure you have prepared choreographies for your heats) 

  • Music will be chosen by Dubai Pole Cup (It will be upbeat and urban) 



Two solo competitors or groups battle it off on stage to upbeat, urban music with the poles set to static mode.

The battles are timed with a certain number of rounds and in that time, you must show the audience and the judges your skills on and off the pole. There will be no scoring system, winners will be chosen at the end of the round by audience impact and the judges’ score cards (out of 10 points).

The winner will carry on battling the winner from another group until there’s one group left to be declared as the winner of the competition. The above applies for the solo competitors as well.


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